Thursday, March 26, 2009


We started working on animations recently.  In the first video, we made a flip book and then photographed each page.  It's a sad story about the loss of a flower, but in the end, the hero uses telekinesis to bring the flower back up to her level.
In this movie, the superhero doesn't look where she's going, and she knocks the top off a house as she flies by.  We used the flipbook technique for this movie as well, but this time, we didn't staple the pages down, so you can't see anyone's fingers in the movie!
In this next movie, Makayla collaborated with me to make a plant eat a fly.  Then, Makayla took over and started working on the project on her own.  It's a little tough to see, but in the picture of the girl, the sun moves across the sky.
In Becca's claymation video, a ball hovers in the sky, a bit like an alien spaceship.  Becca planned this one all on her own, and she did all the photography as well.  She used a fork to make the ball hover.