Friday, May 22, 2009

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

Last fall, Rick Stoner generously donated a Shipwreck Tour trip to King Street.  So, this Wednesday, the Afterschoolers got to go to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, travel out on a boat, and look at shipwrecks.

This trip was great because we were on a boat.  No, really.  That's what was so great. 


For example, the adults didn't know until we got there how many of the children had never been on a boat before, and the children were FASCINATED.  On the way down to the boat, a lot of the kids asked, "Why do we have to wear these lifejackets," and when the adults said, "They keep you safe on the water," the kids said, "But what if we fall in the water?"  And, as soon as the boat started moving, all the children were amazed by the wake.  One girl asked, "Why does the water move like that."  There were a lot of opportunities for impromptu science lessons.

Also, we got to learn about the Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV), which is what the scientists at the Maritime Museum use to film the shipwrecks. While we were out there, we got to see live footage of a shipwreck on the New York side of the lake.

Thank you, again, to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum and to Rick Stoner.  This was a wonderful opportunity for the children of King Street.