Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The computers are coming!

We are SOOOOOOO thankful to People's United Community Foundation, The Tarrant Foundation, and the Henderson Foundation for their support of our technology program. Yesterday, the new desktops arrived, and the Afterschoolers got so excited that they all drew pictures of new computers.

Important fact: we talk about the difference between monitors and CPUs all the time, but not one kiddo drew the CPU. Sigh. Also, the mouse does not attach to the keyboard. Malcolm drew this one:
The googly-eyes on Ahmed's computer just make me so happy:

Jasper started the excellent trend of putting 'Love' on the monitor. His is a laptop, hence the lack of a mouse.And Zach decided that he just wanted to draw how the new technology made him feel:And finally, because we always offer the option to choose your own topic of illustration, Mowlid decided to completely ignore the new computers, but I liked his picture so much that I had to post it:

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