Friday, September 17, 2010

Dolphin News by Nikkiah and Misky and Ahmed

King Street News

Today’s breaking news is that today we have outside, technology, and inside. In outside we do a lot of playing, and lots of kids go in outside. In inside, you play whatever you want. You can play house and you can play games. In technology, you can do Wii, typing, and play games on the computer.

In meeting, the Dolphins talked about rules. Like, if you need to say something, you need to raise your hand; you can’t just shout it out. And, do your best work. And, be respectful.

Some people at King Street are new here, and some people are being respectful. Like, if someone drops their pencil, you can help them, and if someone breaks their pencil, you can get them a new one. If you fall in a puddle, you can help a friend get up, and you can go on the bus with them.

And that’s today’s news.

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Bethany said...

Today, some of the Dolphins decided that they wanted to write newspaper articles. This is the article by Misky and Nikkiah.